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Little did we know that one life could touch so many people.

There was something different about Staci Stephens. It was so easy for her to make friends. She brought out the best in people.

“ I looked at how she was living her life and I said, ‘there is something that is keeping her going’. She had what I was missing.”

Staci Stephens touched her campus in a way few teenagers will ever experience.

“Life may not be 80 years, it may not be 60 years. A lot of us say, ‘I can live my life this way now, and when I get older, then I can settle down… then I can think about eternity.’ Staci Stephens didn’t have that option, and we may not either.”

“I just dropped to my knees, I couldn’t believe it.”

“One day I’m going to die, and am I ready for that?”

A true story of real life and what’s beyond.

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